My lease car

LeasePlan accompanies you on the road

You have just received your new lease vehicle and you ask yourself some questions on your daily use of your vehicle? 

Above all, you should make sure that you received your board documents, as well as your Driver Card, sent to your attention with your leasing notification and a European accident statement.

Driver Card

At a glance, this card gives you access to the telephone number of our FIRST service: +352 40 44 11 11 and to the number of our on-the-road assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week): +352 40 71 40. The QR code on the back of the card provides easy access to our “Preferred Dealer Contact” tool - available on our Internet site - for making appointments with our suppliers (servicing, tyres, etc).  We recommend you keep it in your wallet.

Upon presentation of this card, you will get access to the services linked to your leasing contract.  So there’s no longer any need to use the green LeasePlan order vouchers.

Finally, we recommend you to read carefully your our Welcome Letter, as well as the instructions for use of the vehicle, and to get acquainted with all the instructions and the recommendations related to the use of this car prudently.

This is so easy

In this section you can find the description of the LeasePlan services at your disposal to make you drive comfortable at any situation.  We present you clear instructions which will allow you to drive your vehicle with safety, comfort and reliability. We explain you how LeasePlan manages your vehicle and specify the steps you will have to undertake during maintenances or tyre changes, the process to follow in the event of an accident, the return procedure of the vehicle and other useful information regarding the right use of your vehicle.

LeasePlan wishes you a good journey and lots of pleasure behind the wheel of your vehicle.

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